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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

What is a pre-registered account?

An account, which is created the first time an educator issues a credential to a learner who is not yet registered on the platform.

A pre-registered account is one, which the system automatically generates for a certain learner (who is without an existing account on the platform), whenever an educational service provider first uploads a document / badge, associated to that learner's e-mail address.

The association happens through the e-mail address, provided by the educational provider, during or after the execution of the blockchain validation process.

After a credential is validated on the platform, as long as it is not associated to an already existing user email, the system will send a message to the recipient of the credential, inviting him / her to accept the credential, thus activating the user's pre-registered account.

If the recipient decides to opt-out from activating his / her account, he / she can still benefit from the physical version of the blockchain-validated certificate / diploma, as well as from the opportunity for life-time on-platform verification of the document (credential) by any third party, free-of-charge, anywhere around the globe.