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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

How to create a learning plan?

There are two simple steps. First - you create the scope, and then - you orchestrate the content.

To create a new learning plan, you go to the "Learning Plans'' section of the OS.University platform.

Next, you fill in the overview, incl. writing a short and extensive description, as well as assigning the organization (or person), which owns and manages the plan. Once all the details are filled-in (except for the actual course content), the plan can be published in the database.

Once published in the learning plans' database, the specific learning content (courses), which are comprising the plan, can be added. This happens through the ''Add course to the learning plan" functionality.

Upon selecting the correct course from the courses' database, you press the "Add" button and repeat the operation as many times as needed.

Once created, the learning plan will appear on your organizational page, having been automatically visualized and made accessible under the respective tab. It will also appear when searches are executed in the "Learning plans" section of the application.