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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

What are the learning plans and why do we need them?

The learning plan is a pathway to success, organized out of distributed learning resources, orchestrated in a meaningful manner.

Sharing pathways to excellence and influencing others to curate their own paths or build on top of the ones that are already highlighted, is at the core of OSU mission. 

The platform does not only help learners keep track of the progress and accomplishments achieved, but also enables them to find open educational opportunities internationally (both online opportunities such as ‘MOOCs’ and standard on-campus experiences).

By orchestrating different educational experiences into tailor-made learning plans, individuals and entities can adapt the existing diversity of resources to their own academic and professional development needs. They can also benefit from the wisdom of the crowd and the insights of seasoned professionals and established brands who have already contributed towards the advancement of the community by sharing their learning plans in different fields.