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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

How to verify the validity of a credential?

Run a check on any credential by leveraging its unique identifier.

When it comes to verifying whether a document presented to a certain institution / business / individual is authentic, there are two simple steps:

1. The person who checks the validity of the document should access the dedicated webpage on the OSU website, where the verification code, associated to that document, should be entered. The unique code / identifier can be found on the last page of the document- it has previously been generated when the document has been registered on the blockchain.

2. Once the correct verification code is entered into the OSU system, the user will see the credential's details view, containing the original document, uploaded by the issuer, as well as all details, regarding its validation history on the platform. The user will be able to compare the authentic version of the document with the one, brought to his / her attention.