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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

How to execute on-platform credential validation?

Registering educational credentials and confirming their validity.

The on-platform credential registration functionality (the process of confirming the validity of certificates, diplomas and other educational credentials) is equally accessible to learners, businesses and educators.

If the process is initiated by a credential holder, the Academy / Business will be notified upon the request for verification of the credential through the platform.

OSU notification system is designed in such a way that the notification itself redirects to the page, containing the requested document, thus improving the user experience on the administrator side.

Once on the platform, the administrator sees a list with all previously verified credentials, as well as a list with non-verified requests, pending validation by the Academy / Business. All non-verified certificates can be double-checked and validated either one by one or through a mass validation.

If upon examining the credential, inconsistencies are observed, the administrator can reject the request.

All status changes, concerning the credential (credential verified / credential rejected) will be sent back as notifications to the requesters, as well as logged into the history of the respective certificate, diploma, etc.