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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

How to batch-issue credentials?

A functionality to bulk upload and validate documents automatically.

Administrators will sometimes need to validate large amounts of credentials on behalf of the respective educational service providers, whether these would be certificates, diplomas or other forms of recognition of acquired knowledge and skills.

OS.University provides a functionality to bulk upload and validate numerous documents simultaneously in the following way:

  1. The administrator visits the credentials "Batch issue" screen and uploads any amount of PDF files (e.g. 100 letters of acceptance).
  2. The administrator uploads a CSV file, containing all the data for the credentials, where each row contains the recipient's data, associated to the uploaded PDF.
  3. After the automatic validation of the data on the Ethereum blockchain, the system sends a notification to each recipient, inviting him / her to receive the digital document.

At this point, the administrator can also print and distribute the validated document, which now contains an additional page, along with a 12-digit code for online verification on demand.