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Hristian Daskalov
Written by Hristian Daskalov

How to add an organization?

Registering an educator or a business on the platform is a one-step operation.

At the core of OSU, there are learners (individuals), as well as educators (experts / academic institutions / companies) and businesses (employers from the private / public / NGO sector).

In order for educators and businesses to act on validation and verification of learners' credentials as such, they need to create organizational profiles, i.e. "Organizations".

One creates / registers an organization within the OSU platform by first creating a personal profile. From there, the user accesses the "Organization" page and chooses the "Create new organization" function.

Once an organizational page is generated, the user (organizational member) will be able to work on issuing and validating credentials on behalf of the organization. He or she will also be able to add educational courses in the educational marketplace, organize courses in learning plans / pathways and publish these on the OSU platform, as well as to add job offerings (if such are available within the organization)

From the organizational settings functionality, the user will be able to add new members / administrators, adjust their admin rights, update the organization's profile, top-up the organization's wallet, and eventually - to remove the organization off the platform.